Into the Blue.. Oil on canvas

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In this painting my customer wanted a peaceful blue picture to match the decor in a room. She wanted to look at it and feel relaxed. And with a seascape of whatever I wanted to paint, the only stipulations were, no stormy seas and no red colour... I decided on a tranquil beech setting with dog walkers strolling through moonlight. This picture is loosely based on the style of Lawrence Coulsens work and in order to provide a form of tonal depth I painted the painting in several layers with different colours for each layer. That is layer one yellow then layer two orange then red then purple and finally blue. The finished piece didn't sit well with me in that it looked a bit flat without any other colours so I deceded to put some very fine blue! Purple rays across the the painting and it came to life with that little bit of eye magnet or tonal travel. The picture itself took about three months to complete as I really struggled with getting the balance and was delayed by the layers of paint having to be completely dry before advancing to any further stages. Paints used are Micheal Harding range with loads of fan brush work and fine fine layers of the final blues thus creating a delicate finish. I am now sick of looking at the colour blue hahaha..... But the customer is extremely happy with the final product which is now framed in a chunky white frame. And now sits in her seaside themed room. I hope you like the post. Unfortunately I have lost the process pictures on this due to a corrupt memory card so what you see is what you get on this one!


Just followed you, really nice work!