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Just completed this one while the previous painting dries ready for more layers. I have included a few clips on how I arrived at the finished product although the picture jumps along more than usual as I got totally engrossed in this painting. I saw it on a horse painting social media site anf couldn't resist the challenge. The picture reference came with all permissions of use so I had to go for it. Photo credit : Sue Wolfe Rathbone.
This is an oil painting on canvas board built up wet in wet with raw umber cerulean blue cobalt blue burnt umber burnt sienna titanium white and ivory black. In Micheal Harding range. Painting non stop for the best part of a day and completing it over the last four hours today. Im told her name is Jaylo, the horse that is. Hope you like the picture. Hopefully you will see a progress report on my previous post in the next few days once dry enough to continue with the final layers and bring it towards completion. 20190416_132358.jpg20190415_150828.jpg20190415_150849.jpg20190415_153443.jpg20190415_153433.jpg20190415_162523.jpg20190416_132058.jpg20190416_132358.jpg


Very cool details, @jakeknee! Thanks a lot for sharing! 😃

Thanks 😁