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RE: Elephants graveyard completed drawing!

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Okay, so like HEYO, FELLOW ANON!!!!~ <<<<3333!!!!~ \ (^O^ ) /

With hellos out of the way, the post's thumbnail and the tile drew me in but I stayed for the history behind this drawing. Because I got to really say, that is really disheartening but very uplifting at the same time as well. To paint on a morbid subject in a somewhat clearly unsafe place but to also immortalize them of which we all may never know or get to see personally with our own two eyes due to natural disasters. Otherwise, I do agree that Nature really is a lovely thing to just take in - even more to immortalize it in some aspect.

Unto the drawing process itself, I must give many thanks to the compilation of the process... but in reverse~ It still gives perspective that paintings, drawings, sketches and the what nots aren't pushed by a pencil, ink stick (sorry, pen), brush or digital pen and they magically appear. But a clear Dialectical process of the labour inserted by the artist and the careful redrawings of what comes to mind at any a second upon seeing the imagination worked out. A feedback loop which thankfully produced a great drawing that we are all blessed with today. From the fact that this feels more like a black-and-white photo due to its heavy photgraphic realism instead of just being a mere drawing! Also the shadow-depth at work really gives the elephants a lively and timely space in this Æther/Heaven/Graveyard of sorts for them, paired up with the dead trees being all the contingently existent upon actual dead trees in the area. Also the very nice capture of the elephants in this drawing form just makes me want to gush out and gush out more!!!!~ MOAR DAMN YOU BECAUSE THIS IS AN ART PIECE THAT IS MASTERFUL!!!! <<<<3333!!!!~ :D :D :D :D

So congratulations on the @curie upvote, happy drawing now(!) and happy steeming!~


Thank you very much.

Proszę bardzo!!!! <<<<3333!!!!~