CAA / CAB: Not to fear

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Know about CAA/CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill/Act)

Question: Will the CAA take away the citizenship of Indian Muslims?

Ans: No, this is a bill to give citizenship. Not a bill to take away citizenship.

Q: For whom is the CAA? Not for those who live in India?

A: No, this bill is not for Indians. Any minority (religious minority i.e, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Persian, Jain) who live in India, with the privilege of a CAA, will be allowed to live in the three border sharing countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan.

Question: Does that mean "persecuted people for religious reasons" will soon become citizens of India when they come to India?

Answer: No, they will get Indian citizenship only after staying in India for 6 years.

Question: Well, if all the Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, Jains of the world get Indian citizenship?

Answer: No, only those three countries "persecuted for religious reasons" Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Persian, Jain will get citizenship for 6 years. People from the rest of the countries will get citizenship after having 11 years.

Question: will not Muslim citizens of those three countries get Indian citizenship?

Answer: Yes, Muslims will too. Those Muslims will get citizenship from India after staying for 11 years. The Government of India has granted citizenship to 566 Muslims of those three countries during 2014-2019.

Question: If our country is a "secular country" then why would the Muslims of those three countries get citizenship after 11 years?

Answer: All Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, Jains will not be granted citizenship. Those who are "persecuted for religious reasons" will get citizenship of India in 6 years. And the state religion of those three countries is Islam. Then a Muslim in a Muslim country will be "persecuted for religious reasons”??
And the rest is about secularism. What if the definition of secularism is only Muslim? Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Persian, Jainism are also covered by this bill. Still say this bill is not secular??

Q: Well, will those who have been living in India from Bangladesh for "religious persecution" before 2014 will be driven back?

Answer: No, this bill was passed in a special way for those oppressed. So that they can now freely live in this country.

Defense: Many people are saying that they will be kept in detention camps. Is that wrong

Answer: Yes that is wrong. No one will be kept in detention camp for CAA. And the details of this detention camp are completely false. Some political parties are frightening the common man for their own interests. Rest assured, no Indian will be kept in detention camp.

I would urge all friends to share this massage. People will get the real information about this act. Many are terrified.

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If it is such then why learned/ high profile peoples are also opposing to this act.

That's why we, the Indians are unfortunate still after 70 years of Independence. Still hope for the new sun rise through the this Bill.

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