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I'm one of those people so cacti addicted that I cannot imagine living without them.
They call us cactus enthusiasts. I would not say I'm a collector, it sounds too cold.
Still it is about living beings that require care, attention, love, time, space
and knowledge. And a lot of patience.


For me they represent a beauty that I have always been searching for.
With them I forget about the world of men. Sometimes they are for me a road
to nowhere and just because of it, they give me a great amount of purity and beauty.


These are some of my cacti in flower.

They are, just like the other plants, so grateful for the care given to them
that they give back always so much more.

I'm not only interested in spiny cacti, many of them have no spines that can hurt you,
like some pectinate cacti. Some are even soft, have feather-like spines.

..some less spiny beauties.


I like some other succulents also. Especially mesembs, stapeliads and caudiciform plants.
Either they have weird flowers or really unusual shape of bodies
or are so adorable cute (like Conophytum from the first photo bellow).



After some time of buying cacti and other succulents I started to grow them from seeds.
At first from seeds of my own plants. Later when I figure out how it works I started to buy seeds also.

..some of mine seedlings


At first years I have to always listen that same sentence. 'You brought one more again? Why do you need one more???!!' But now they all are just got used to it or ignoring it. I have won and I am happy and the plants are enjoying of course.
It has passed 18 years from the first cacti I have bought, and now I have about 1000 of them, what is considered to be a small collection.
It is just enough big to always have to do something around them,
but enough small that I can dedicate to every one of them.


I hope to find here some other cactus enthusiasts
that I can learn from and follow writings about their collections.

And from me you will get a lot of stories and a lot of photos because
I have so much to tell you, to share a love for these plant
and the beauty they lavish me with.

So If you like to read about some exotic weird beauties feel free to follow and enjoy. :)


What a lovely, what beautiful !!!!! And how many cacti you have! Congratulations! I have a little more than 100 and I was happy that I have a lot. And now I understand - it is not enough!
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Thank you ! You too have a collection, I'm so happy to find someone here who also grows cacti!

Flower is the symbol of love. And refresh your mind ..Thanks dear sharing flower photo

To me flower is a symbol of re-birth and beauty. I have a flower tattoo on my finger :)

Arn't those beauties! I love cactus, well all plants, and have also grown cactus from seed. I rejoice when I see new growth appear on them!

I love growing them from seeds, looking how those small green balls turn into little spiny plants. Every new growth or flowers makes me happy..

Do you use the zip-lock bag method? I have and it works amazingly well!

Well not exactly zip-lock bag, but I close the pot with plastic foil (only the first month).
(My English is on low level, I'm sorry. I hope you understood what I meant)

Yes, I do understand what you mean, and that's very close to the way the zip-lock bag method is done.

Keeping moisture in, and not disturbing the seed in that long germination period. :)

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