Moment Drone: The Best Foldable 4K Aerial Camera

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Safest 4K Camera Drone with auto-tracking and image stabilization. Capture your best moments!

The foldable smart drone with 4K Camera designed for everyone, allowing you to record every glorious moment.

✅ Auto-tracking function
✅ 4K video shooting
✅ Easy control with smartphone
✅ One button Auto Return
✅ 15-min fly time
✅ Foldable body design
✅ Enclosure protector


The Moment’s collapsible and lightweight design allows you to fold it into the size of a notepad. This space efficiency makes it very easy to take on the go.With 4k camera and the user-friendly smartphone app, you can take an aerial shoot easier than ever.


Moment drone features high-performance camera that delivers 4K UHD 25fps video and 12-megapixel images. Not to mention it offers multiple shooting modes: Sweep Panorama mode, Continuous capture mode, Delay capture mode. The Moment will become your personal Self-Flying photographer!

Outdoor precise localization: Features dual-band GPS, Moment knows exactly where it is, even you don’t.

Uncompromised flight time: With a fully-charged battery, Moment gives you a flight time up to 15 minutes, which is unbeatable in the drone category.

Protective Design makes it safe for all-ages and flying indoors: Safe plastic enclosures protect your fingers and allow hassle-free indoor flight