Meet George the 4wd Van!

in #camping4 years ago

Hey guys,

Nothing really exciting, but here's a photo of George the van (who I have kitted out as a camper, complete with a matress and five seats) happily parked on the beach. I picked the van up for a touch under $2000 about a year ago, and since then it has taken us over 50000km around Australia, especially in Western Australia.

George loves four-wheel driving, which is why I bought him! The best thing is being able to drive miles along some remote beach, set up camp with a fire, a few beers, and a fishing rod, and relax for a day or two.

Photo taken on Cheynes Beach, Western Australia

The photo seems to be a bit blurry... Sorry about that!


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Have fun with ur 4WD van, enjoy.. @blechy

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Hi George. Love the retro look! My dream to own a retro van for travels around Asia.

This one's an old Japanese built Toyota, never had a more reliable car in my life!

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