Step by step, compliance by compliance, into hell.

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Under the laws of Canada, and I'm sure this would be true of the USA as well, no one has the right to force you to undergo a medical procedure without your consent. This would include wearing a medical mask as well as taking an injection or a swab up your nose. People who consent to these things are doing so of their own free will, though they do not realize that they have free will and legal protection if they do not consent. This is what one year of psychological terrorism has brought us all to: what was normal, legal and constitutional – and still is!! – is being recast as radical rebellion by the power of global billionaires who are themselves the real revolutionaries, totalitarian revolutionaries prosecuting their global revolution by psychological torture via boughten media, bureaucratic and political whores.

Yesterday I had to visit the clinic to pick up necessities. It's two kilometres away and I told myself it would be a fine walk on a sunny day there and back. I'm not the man I was 20 years ago, much to my surprise; I was almost dizzy with fatigue when I finally made it back to my digs. Truth was I was afraid to try boarding a bus.

I’m scared to board a bus or travel on the ferry to Vancouver Island to visit my son and my daughter because of the whole mask thing. I’m scared to go by bus downtown to spend $200 at the dentist – especially now that my part-time usher job at our beautiful Chan Centre concert hall has been suspended for a year by our live events being forbidden and no end to the lockdown is even rumoured, so I’ve lost thousands of dollars in what would have been my potential income so far. I’m getting by but what about my young colleagues, many of them students who work two part-timers to make one income? We’re all hanging in mid air. We’ve all been robbed and are all supposed to suck it up.

I’m getting so spooked by this mask horror I’m getting agoraphobic. I will have to stand up for my rights every time I want to get on a bus, let alone spend my money flying on a jet plane, where they will demand I wear a mask or they won’t let me board – a private company so they can freely violate the right I have under our laws and constitution not to submit to a medical procedure against my will! A clerk at a store counter told me to pull my mask up over my nose the other day. I told him he had no right to demand that of me. I will never patronize that store again and thankfully I have an alternative store where so far the clerks don't demand that I cover my nose. So far! So far!

But it's getting to me, breaking my spirit, this mass psychological torture. And the masking is the main delivery vehicle. This thing that's supposed to be no big deal, just a little mask. That's the big hammer, the sight of all the people wearing those things. I scarcely want to leave my apartment now for fear of the horrible spectacle of even young people, teens and even toddlers muzzled in these harmful things. And it’s getting to be a fashion, it’s “The Law”, the government says so. How far will it go? How many more people will turn into little Hitlers enforcing “The Law” on everybody else?

We Canadians tend to be smug. Especially educated people like me tend to be self-satisfied and superior about our liberalism compared to the United States where, so goes the fantasy, people are so red neck. I used to be one of the smug liberal crowd. I’m sure my friends, all still in that emotional and mental world, pay some attention to foreign news and regard with some self-satisfaction the news of police brutality enforcing lockdowns in Europe and even Australia. I wonder if they pay any attention to the police brutality and intimidation in Quebec and Ontario and Alberta and here in BC where people are being rousted into unmarked vans and whisked away to secret “quarantine” hotels and where people have been wrestled to the ground by burly cops and forcibly masked? Probably not because our CBC, CTV and the other media whorehouses don’t give us much news about Canada. That way we can all be sure that “it can’t happen here”, as Frank Zappa put it so long ago.

But we do hear about another lockdown and another “wave” and plans for a “vaccine passport” to be required or we’ll lose our mobility and our jobs. Our bus passes that we damn well payed for will be no good along with our money that we used to earn back when we used to be allowed to work, these accoutrements of our former free life will be no good anymore if we don’t submit. Not that that’s a threat or anything. Oh no. It’s only a mask, only a little prick, only a little passport, only a few more weeks of “quarantine”, only just one more thing to “comply” with, and then another thing, and another thing... And be sweet, be nice. No matter what. That’s the way to be safe. Nice and sweet and compliant and quiet, and that way nobody gets hurt.


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