Canada Needs A Change of Image

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Political correctness on steroids is the antithesis of greatness. If we are focused on grammar while reading poetry we will miss the essence and soul of the words. Political correctness not only kills the joy of life but it is a devise that tries to silence criticism. It is an invention of the uncreative mind to rein in and keep in check the creative ones. It is politically incorrect to be different, original, not tow the line or be yourself in favour of making the group look good. Political correctness is a form of making sure that no one stands out.

That is death in the art world for an artist. To feel that somehow by being different from the status quo you are undermining the very fabric of your culture. Political correctness is in fact a form of disguised discrimination of the minority by the majority. It is a way to control others without actually contributing anything intelligent or creative yourself.

Political correctness shuts down creative debates on any subjects, and it doesn’t allow you to vote differently on art juries from your peers that are watching who raises their hand for which artist. If you cast the wrong vote, you are out of the politically and artistically correct crowd.

Yes, in Canada even the art world has embraced political correctness and it is stifling truly creative artists. If you veer a bit too much from the fad of the times, you are immediately shunned as an outsider artist, often synonymous with being uneducated or unschooled, even if you have a masters, and guarantees that you will never receive an art grant or be shown in a commercial gallery. And let’s face it only a few artists are wealthy enough to pay to have regular shows in for-rent galleries. And those artists are often actually unschooled.

Political correctness in Canada has seeped into the very fiber and area of life and culture and the thought police are re-writing history, removing art from museums and banning, knocking down inappropriate sculptures of historically inappropriate people while burning books. Instead of actually having a healthy, tension ridden, juicy, feisty dialogue between equals that might possibly lead to real change of mind, to a creative resolution.

Political correctness is the way of the child that throws temper tantrums and breaks their offending toys and screams when you try to engage it in dialogue. Political correctness masks the truth. Behind those phoney smiles hides an attitude of total disregard and callousness.

Instead of being politically correct and re-writing history we need to engage in differences of opinion and ideologies discussed respectfully, critically and reflectively. We need to start appreciating our differences and uniqueness and make Canada stand out in the world for its greatness and not for its politeness and political correctness.

It is time we allowed people who are great to be themselves, to support our inventors and creatives and to appreciate that people are intelligent enough to handle a painting of a nude young girl in a museum or looking at a sculpture of a Founding Father that was politically incorrect and realize what actually happened.To leave literature alone and keep teaching from brilliant books in school and not just the politically correct ones.

In art terms we need to stop funding and supporting arts administrators who are the loudest about political and creative correctness, who only create lifeless bureaucracies, and start supporting the artists who are great and recognized to be great by the international art community.


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Extraordinary good post & discussion. People don't like to talk politics, but you made a path to an interesting discussion.


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"Though Ottawa is theoretically prepared to deport most of the irregular Haitian border-crossers to Haiti, in practice, Canada’s refugee adjudication system is a molasses-paced, overburdened mess prone to empty threats over decisive action."

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Political correctness has a basic flaw. If all views are equal, why do some who embrace this view feel the need to push this agenda as the "correct" one at the same time demonizing other views as "incorrect"?

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You're completely right, we should quit financing and don't bolster that kinds of people groups.

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You're absolutely right, we should stop funding and don't support that types of peoples

Political correctness is the bane of all art.But political correctness turns all that on its ear. In PC World, the state poses as a weak and endangered victim.Political operatives function as philosophers behind the theory of political correctness. It’s an ideology made for the people – but not by them.

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In art terms we need to stop funding and supporting arts administrators who are the loudest about political and creative correctness, who only create lifeless bureaucracies, and start supporting the artists who are great and recognized to be great by the international art community.

To me, art and politics are two different way to look up our lives..!

the political view should not influence the beauty of art by any means...! if one tries to spread his political correctness through art, he might be doing a great harm for the art society..!!!

Yes, evryone has different political opinions and also different taste of art.

But mixing this two things wont bring any good to the society..!!!

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100 % agreed with your post @elewarne should stop funding to such people. finger crossed hope that day will come soon

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change need to begin its the time

politically correct is a good option but other best options may respect difference of opinions and and ideologies. It will give you broad picture and encourage all people to put their effort for the betterment of country. Keep sharing @elewarne keep sharing

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