Do You Love Sugar As Much As Cancer Does?

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Cancer cells square measure found in one and all. however as luck would have it our system, for the foremost half, will handle them. Until, of course, it now not will. then scarey things happen that none folks square measure notably keen on and lots of folks dread.

To avoid potential complications and to attenuate the danger of cancer quite few folks out there busily add antioxidants to their diet. however that is a touch like closing the stable door once the horse has fast. rather than taking associate cure, it might be abundant wiser to not ingest the poisonous substance within the initial place, particularly seeing however it's the toxins that result in reaction. It sounds logical, does not it?

Now, what toxins does one assume you'll be golf shot into your body? a number of the avertable ones square measure in fact seed oils, processed foods, alcohol, and worst of all - sugar.

Did you recognize that solely 1tsp of sugar suppresses your cancer-killer cells for seven hours? trust it - solely by ingestion one little very little teaspoon of sugar, you're creating yourself a lot of liable to cancer growth over consequent seven hours!! And to assume that almost all folks ingest 17-20 tsp of sugar on a daily basis on the average...

Sugar not solely suppresses your system. It additionally feeds the cancer cells. Cancer cells square measure 40-50 times a lot of economical in utilizing sugar than traditional cells. Cancer is literary suck up aldohexose like hell and thrives on that. In fact, analysis has shown that a cancer polyp within the colon can eat the sugar from a sugar-coated drink (e.g. apply juice) before the sugar even gets absorbed into the blood stream. Moreover, sugar-fed cancer is a lot of immune to chemo and radio medical care. Conversely, sugar-deprived cancer needs a way lower dose of chemo and radio medical care.

Now, is "natural" sugar better? Well, that is the same question as "Is natural poison higher than artificial poison?" in fact not! Poison is poison, despite however "natural" its supply. Your body does not care wherever the sugar came from. It reacts thereto an equivalent manner it reacts to poison. there's no such issue as a healthy kind of sugar. it's all poison. And rather than taking it then making an attempt to compensate with overpriced (and dubious) anti-oxidants, it's far better not take it altogether. Saves you plenty of headache and will prevent from cancer too.
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