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I know I kind of dropped a bomb here about Joe's cancer, and didn't say much more about it. I was kind of hoping to have more answers by the next time I talked about it.

In late July a shoulder pain that had been bugging Joe for a while turned into a sore painful lump on his neck and shoulder.

A biopsy revealed it is cancer and after many additional tests, we still don't know exactly what kind, but we know he has it in his lymph node system and a few small spots in his brain, but they don't think it originated there.

I was kind of waiting for the "Diagnosis/Prognosis" meeting to say anything, but at this point, we are 4 weeks in without complete answers.

We are already in the treatment phase and today will be the halfway point of whole head radiation to treat his brain. He is expecting to start Chemo in the next couple of weeks. 5 more daily radiation sessions to go.

In addition, we have implemented a cancer-fighting diet and overall whole-body wellness plan. he has taken a couple of months off work to focus on health and wellness.

He is still struggling with shoulder pain and feeling tired, but Joe is strong and he has an amazing healing body and he is faith-based.

All thoughts, prayers, good vibes, healing wishes gladly accepted!

We are taking things one day at a time and expect to utilize all the tools we can find to restore health.

In my next post, I want to talk about how Covid has impacted diagnosis and treatment



Really sorry to hear of this @whatsup... sending good vibes, healing energy and prayers your way! I'll ask my wife to add Joe to her worldwide prayer grid — every bit helps.

We appreciate it

Very sorry to hear this @whatsup.

Hope the treatment goes well.

Thank you.

Sending love, thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this difficult time.

I am just speechless.

Mi Sheberach - A jewish prayer for the sick ...

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts

Bumpy road ahead. Don't forget to prepare yourself as well. Mentality and physically. Stay strong down there, both of you.

It already feels like a rollercoaster I didn't want to get on.

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that news! I'll be sending all the good energy, good vibes, well wishes, healing thoughts and love I can gather up for you all <3 <3

Thank you!

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