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It's been 6 months and 2 weeks since Joe's Cancer diagnosis and they have been hard months.

In the beginning, the bad news wouldn't stop rolling in. It started with the discovery of some cancer cells and escalated to a stage 4 diagnosis with evidence of tumors in his brain and active cancer throughout the lymph nodes. The only good news was a lack of large tumors.

The chemo and radiation treatments meant to kill cancer were effective, but they take a toll on one's body.

The weight loss, side effects, and impact on his body's ability to fight infections were exhausting. Combined with brain fog and a constant sense of being ill.

In early December Joe had his last chemo treatment and started doing just immunotherapy the situation immediately began to improve. He was able to start getting food in more regularly and his energy increased.

His PET Scans were greatly improved and it was easy to enjoy a few weeks of feeling better and having less stress.

During those weeks Joe started to gain some weight, energy, and a sense of energy. We only envisioned smooth sailing ahead.

Over the past couple of weeks, he has developed thyroid issues has a result of the physical and mental stress of his cancer treatments.

While it's a small setback with several treatment options it is also it is a reminder of a long road back to health and feeling good.

As always prayers and positive energy are appreciated!



Hopefully Joe will be healthy again and be able to do his usual activities @whatsup



Sending healing vibes to you guys... I know it has been a long challenging road. Hopefully longer days and more sunlight and warmth will also help.

That sounds very hard, particularly during a pandemic. I hope his health continues to improve 🤞🏽

As always prayers and positive energy are appreciated!

I'm sending some your way... :>) My sister is off chemo now, as well and her appetite is returning.

I'm glad your sister is off chemo. Gosh what a horrible yet necessary treatment.

Yes @whatsup... It is a horrible treatment, I have witnessed the suffering of other family members from it, over the years. My baby sister is just the latest. My father never seemed to recover from it when I was a young man and my oldest sister passed on from Glia Blastoma - regardless of treatment.

Yet... I know some people who seemed to benefit from chemo and lived a long time afterward. Joe may very well be one of those who beats the illness as a result of treatments; especially now with the immunological boosting protocols.

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