Are Doctors EVIL ???

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Are Doctors EVIL?

No, not all doctors are evil, they are just uneducated. If we're a young medical student studying from a 'drug company' funded university and only taught how to prescribe drug and almost nothing about nutrition then you as an upcoming doctor can really regurgitate all the lies you were taught.

For example, many people are told by their doctor that they must lower their cholesterol numbers with toxic prescription drugs in order to remain healthy or suffer from a massive heart attack when the opposite is true. With 'lowered' cholesterol, you're chances of death is 'greater'. Healthy cholesterol boosting foods are butter, cheese and egg yolks from grass fed cows.
Avoid sugar and junk foods as this increases bad LDL numbers.
Many body functions especially the brain need cholesterol. People who take in less cholesterol begin to have poor memory.

There have even been lies told by doctors in studies that said that if you had too much cholesterol, you will face an earlier death, after that lie, millions of patients were put on cholesterol meds. Do hospitals post up many of those people who died were actually from the decrease of cholesterol from their bodies due to cholesterol lowering drugs????

If you want to find out the truth and reverse the disease the medical association created by pushing deadly prescription drugs to you, join the free Immune Defence Summit held by licences doctors, experts and researchers.

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The Truth About Vaccines by Ty Bollinger ( A must watch video. Will change what you've been told by your doctors )

The Truth About Cancer

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