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RE: Tis the Season for Some Nice Looking Fruit

in #candy2 years ago (edited)

@donkeypong, You definitely saved the day sir. She would be grateful you came up with this. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of cherry we have here in Nigeria. I would love to have a taste of this and most of the malls never have this type, either.

I love fruits and in fact, any kind of fruits for that matter, as long as it is nourishing and helping.

I want to use this medium to also thank and appreciate you for your kind gesture. It means a lot to me and your act of kindness is adorable. Your influence spreads like fragrance. You have helped me in many ways than I could explain. Thank you, sir (I have never had the chance to do that in a long while). Apologies sir.


Thank you for your comment and for all your work writing posts from the community account. Much appreciated.

It is such an honour, sir. I really appreciate the opportunity.