Hashkings - (Real)Cannabis Grow Diary - 4.19.2020

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Time to get started!

Here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States it is legal for adults over 21 to grow their own weed as long as they follow some simple guidelines. This year I have decided to grow a slew of autoflowering plants instead of the usual photoperiod plants.

In the past, the rain and the cold have come on quite quickly near harvest time and I usually lost about 25% of my crop. Autoflowers, bred primarily with ruderalis do not depend on the sun cycle. They typically finish anywhere from 60 to 90 days from seed.

With this in mind I am planting my crop this year so it finishes no later than the end of August. I am also going to start planting seeds May 1st every week until June first. This allows me to spread out my harvest through the month of August and will also give me an idea of the best time to plant seeds next year.

Seeds Ordered!

I put in my order for seeds last week and have received confirmation that they are being shipped. They should arrive some time this week and when they do I will write a detailed post on each strain I ordered and talk about which ones I will be planting this year.

2020 Seed Order

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Lol! You know you got something cool when you have to state your in real like grow is not a simulation! Looking forward to your grow bro!!!

one day... I hope to grow my own!

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