Stacking Steem Power (STEEM OG UPDATE)

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Hi steemians! So if you’ve been following along my blog the last few months, you would know that I am doing a tribute to What is the tribute you are asking?


Steem Og! It’s here and it’s growing!!! I’m very excited about this strain since the mother Santa Rita Og #3 is some potent and tasty medicine.


Santa Rita is a strain I made by crossing a Tahoo Og x Og female and an Inca Gold male last year. The mom of Steem Og is the third phenotype of SAnta Rita. The first female I found just didn’t have what I was looking for. The second phenotype just didn’t stand out as much as the third. The third phenotype stood out from the first week!


The smell is very exotic and quite honestly I’ve never had any cannabis that reminds me of Santa Rita #3. If your saying to your self this guy don’t know bud, guess again I’ve been smoking for 20+ years and been living in California for the most of those years.


Now here is the dad of Steem Og. It’s actually the fourth male I’ve found of Santa Rita. This one was a keeper since the smell of pine was to strong to miss. Also the purple hue on it was to beutifull to throw away!


Ok so with much ado here is my wallet so to speak. Let the hunt begin! I also got 4 other steemians about to crack SP as well! @elamental, @drutter, @a1-shroom-spores, and @bluntsmasha. Good luck my fellow steemians! But there will be more to announce to get some Steem Og!! Also there’s going to be more of a chance you’ll get to grow SP as well!


I’m pollinating a couple more branches of my winner Santa Rita #3 with the same pollen from the male Santa Rita. I’ll show you how it’s done one final time.


Very bottom branch that if it wasn’t for the purpose of making seeds, I would lollipop it instead.


I use a q-tip to scrape of some pollen.


Now when you do this be extremely careful!! Just a spec of pollen can seed your entire plant!!!


You want to gently rub the pollen on the white pistols.


After application of pollen put a ziplock bag over pollinated branch. You want to keep in for 48 hours to ensure successful pollination and also not to seed your whole grow!!


Also mark your branches with a zip tie. This way you don’t accidentally lollipop it! That’s it. Just wait 6-7 weeks and you’ll have viable seeds.

Hope you enjoyed my post. So since I’ll have more SP to share I will hold a contest for people who live in legal states, or Canada 😉 Rules will be released once I’m sure my pollanation was successful.

In the mean time follow the new cannabis trail @canna-curate and help us grow the future of this platform. Not only for cannabis content, but for all steemians!! Join in on our discord for any questions


Let’s turn Steem green!!


Thanks for the how-to with pics. We like the sound of that Steem OG!

OH yeah, if anybody i gave the seeds to find a pheno like its mom, or even grandma, they'll be very very happy steemians!! ;)

I never thought of it as being so precise, but it makes sense!

Thanks to @paradigmprospect, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Oh wow thank you so much!! I really do care about my steem game, lol

Nice plants :)
Upvoted and following.... sent by @DRutter's post about you.

Let’s turn steem green!

Truly beautiful pictures 😍
Speaking of which time to call my guy for some green 😀

Thank you so much!! I remember the days when I had to page my guy for some green, always with 911 at the end of my number lol

Now that's dedication to the art of growing!
Do you always use a q-tip for the task of pollinating as opposed to a tiny brush?

I always use a q tip.

I used a q tip to pollinate chiles, too!

So cool!! So much about plants i dont know about it.

I didn't know you could polinate only one branch, usually people are so afraid of polinating an whole area with male, herma.
Nice gesture ;)

Yeah it’s also a great way to supply yourself with seeds. A lot of people hate males but why not use them to your advantage. The only hard part is keeping the male separate from the females. What I do is once the male has nice balls, I cut a top and sit it on a cup with water on my window seal. Eventually the sacks will bust open and I collect the pollen.

Thank you for your post! I wasn't aware that it is possible to pollinate just one branch - that's great to know :).
I found you through The Daily Sneak where you were highlighted by @paradigmprospect

Dope! You’ve made some very nice canna improvements in your bis game since I’ve been watching.

Keep up the good work 🌲🌳👍

thanks man! You still need to get at me in discord to claim your SP bro😉

hello sir, you are really great. In the picture, you collect seeds, sow seeds, pollen pollination, and pollination, do everything very efficiently. thanks for sharing this image.

Thank you! Guess you can call me a busy bee!

So my state is only medicinal at the moment and I am not allowed to grow, but I would love to get some seeds from this to have for the future. To make it so nobody is breaking any state laws, I can have them sent to a friend in colorado to hold onto. LMK if that is an option.

Private message me in discord also we are working on a project @canna-curate and where talking about the first glass blower on steemit. Come join the fun and well tell you more.

I just downloaded discord, whats your username?

Bam this is the way to pollinate a few branches. Awesome.

(And dont forget to put of the vans :)

lol thanks for showing some love!!

After the reading your post and to see the photos and after all the comments, I think you like agriculture.A comment has written that you are called bee.really you are a good man.That creates the creator's help to grow.

Great idea! Make sure to put the steemit logo on the ziplock bags :)


Ill start using the steem logo again in my pics. Ive just been lazy and forgetting to do so. This is actually when I first made the Steem Og. Crazy how time goes by. IT should be about 3 months when Ill actually have some flowers ready to smoke.

That's awesome! Well, keep us posted on the result!

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