Put all my plants outside

in #canna-curate10 months ago


These are my chemo clones that have been out all summer and you can tell they have been loving it


These are my Northenlights fast seeds. I had fungus gnats take over my tents so i made the decision to move everything outside to let them all die off and get a good clean done on all the indoor stuff


These are gelato and you can see the gnats where just shit kicking them


Nice one, They are taking hold. Can't say I have seen gnats to that much damage

Damn they did do some damage! Another thing that works good is hyrdrogen peroxide. just be careful with it, and do a little research before you decide if this is what you want to do. The chemo is looking killer!

Thanks man yea i plan on blasting all the outdoor plants into shatter should get me through all winter lol