Week 7 Update of Flowering Cannabis Plants, flowers getting big! THC Bomb, 707 Headband, Purple Urkle, and Chemdawg4 in week 7 of flowering and filling their nugs out nicely!

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Here are some THC Bomb plant photos showing how the flowers are filling out

So the THC Bomb is just looking really good! And below is the NEW top of the Green Crack, a stunted plant that is still really giving its all to produce some nice nugs that will still be smoked with gratefulness!

Thought this one was ready but these nugs on another side of the plant started getting bigger after the largest nugs accidentally broke off, another side of the plant got all the energy of the plant, it redirected all the sugar and water over here to grow these nugs bigger instead, . But about most of these plants I need to see if its been the 8 to 11 weeks they need, THC Bomb needs 7-9 weeks so its almost ready, I know its week 7 because I posted on August 4th about how my plants started flowering, i know i moved a few out there after that date so I can be pretty sure that the smallest one in the corner is gonna need maybe a few more weeks and the chemdawg

9 to 10 weeks for Chemdawg 4, and i know these were already out here on August 4th so yeah its only been 7 weeks so I know the THC Bomb will need another few weeks as I give it some fish juice 5-1-1 and try and get its nugs to grow as big as possible before flushing and harvesting soon, its gonna be a great post when I harvest very coon in a few week

the THC Bomb looks like a Menorah or a candelabra like a chandelier!

Man even after a few caterpillars ate a lot of these nugs the 707 headband just looks so good

again another THC Bomb it's looking so perfect!

This is a real giving Tree

I gotta go lean in and read the tag on this plant because I forgot the strain I believe it might be girlscout or sunset sherbert but it was brought up to flower here a little later and may need a few extra weeks, or i'll just post updates and ask the community when they think it looks ready to be harvested!

Man the Purple Urkle looks so nice and grows so strong and thicc! It really didn't get ANY caterpillars (maybe the leaves were too thick? Maybe the caterpillars just likes the 707 headband strain and the chemdawg for chemical reasons very interesting! but they stayed on just two of the plants maybe that kept them off the rest because EVEN the insects couldn't resist the 707 headband and the chemdawg! Bugs can't resist that Kush! (chemdawg = ok kush + sour diesel and so does headband if im not mistaken or there is a small difference I believe yeah 707 headband is masterkush with the og kush and sour diesel)

But yeah that Purple Urkle above is such a strong plant with such col geometry!

and here below is a closeup of the top of the 707headband plant that I had to tape up so it's heavy nugs wouldn't cause it to fall over!

And I noticed my THC Bomb has a few small branches have their leaves die and droop, maybe a sign it's ready to be harvested but I am pretty sure the nugs can grow some more and it needs a few more weeks according to the schedule, but it also just may have some bugs on it that I can't see

What do you think? do these leaves dying mean these nugs should be clipped or something? Some nugs are ready before others right?

You know this THC Bomb plant flowered and then went back into Veg from the summer sun then because light is blocked in the morning it prematurely started going back to flower and so i am glad it didn't turn hermaphrodite and all of its flowers grew nicely except a few on the bottom that ;looked very confused but I let these nugs grow and just recently trimmed the bottom of the plant so the nugs can really grow on the tops! Anyway maybe I should just harvest those nugs now.

anyway here is a "guatemalan Insanity pepper" from the simpsons!

It's actually the seed pod from the Datura Brugmansia tree that has Atropine and Scopolamine in it, psychedelic type deliriants that are not very fun but have a psychoactive effect and should not be taken, some shamans did mix them with ayahuasca but it's not a very pleasant type experience just crazy! Anyway i've watched these fleshy seed pods turn from unripe hard green to this brown and i opened one and seeds fall out, these plants produce a lot of atropine and scopolamine that can at least be used for eye drops and as a Sarin or VX nerve gas antidote!

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Do you know ?

THC Bomb is the signature hybrid strain from Bomb Seeds, and as its name indicates, it was developed to have very high THC levels—upwards of 20%! This bomb won’t completely knock you off your feet, though, thanks to its well-rounded hybrid mix. THC Bomb can be grown indoors and out. Plants are shorter but hardy and should mature in 7 to 9 weeks to produce large yields. Flowers will be large and have an even covering of bright orange hairs.

awesome info! thank you for the info on this strain! heres nearly $1 upvote!

Thank you :)

In our country it is forbidden to grow a canapel, but many violate the law.

You have the green thumb for greenery. You should drop THC bomb from airplanes onto random places so the dankness proliferates.

Looking Awesome! :)

Time Your Harvest for maximum terpene and cannabinoid potency, check out the write up I posted on how to easily do this yourself!

Ripe Cannabis is Amazing

and has the longest effects, with the least amount of sleepies. (usually zero) Fully mature terpene profile, maximum THC/CBD and other cannabinoids, bursting with flavors and aromas...

Why would you pick it early or overripe? :D

Go Be Awesome!

Damm bro, love your plants!
I so miss donating time growing for compassion clubs; all the strains and good juju.
Love you Steemit hat and shirt. How can I get my own? I sent message to Ty already.
Can't wait to smoke a fatty with you as I travel down the West Coast of NorthAmerica and SouthAmerica in my Steemit Van I am designing. I will be reporting about Steemit and why to use it over facebook and other social media platforms.
Any suggestions whom to contact for helping fund this Steemit advertising adventure?
ps: what options do I have with my 4500 STEEM i just bought for investing? should I lease it out?? any other suggestions?

An excellent crop of cannabis.

Those buds are really impressive! It'll be interesting to see how much you get from the plants.

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wow so now i feel better and i think peopel should only write posts when theyre really excited

Oh yes

I'm learning something new each day here. Thank you very much for sharing!

nice pictures and great post!
If you like cannabis you should see this!

Lovely buds, keep them dry and ventilated go prevent the bud rot. It happens a lot in eastern europe, hope not for you!
Free the plant. :)

Thanks for sharing ,

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Great feeds

Nice one

nice pic4753699-picture.jpg

Great Words to live by!!!!

This is illegal in my country. Lol

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