11 Can THC Help with COVID-19 Recovery? In More Ways Than One.

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Could cannabis be used to treat those who are recovering from COVID-19? Could cannabis help revitalize our damaged economy and help people addicted to opioids get on a non-addictive therapy? Cannabis, as a legal product, can help pir people heal and the economy recharge. Here's how.

COVID-19 has a nasty complication that is linked to its infection called "ARDS'. This is an often-fatal process in which the lungs shut down and scar tissue deeply impacts the lungs themselves. A study performed at the University of South Carolina showed that THC can help those who have ARDS survive. A study was designed in which groups of mice with ARDS were given THC or a control, and amazingly all those who were given THC survived. THC found in cannabis products may be able to help those who would die from COVID-19 toxicity live.

Cannabis has played a role during the COVID-19 pandemic as an essential industry. Cannabis was declared as an "essential industry", and medical cannabis has made a difference for pain and appetite management. The industry is in its infancy, and as patients used it during the pandmeic lockdown, thousands more people become hooked on dangerous opioid drugs. More Americans died last year from opioid abuse than car accidents. Cannabis is a potent pain-management drug and is non-habit forming, and can help Americas survive their pain management process.

Cannabis banking provisions were added to the COVID relief stimulus bill, and after the COVID-19 pandemeic lockdown is over, we will see more states legalize it. Arizona and New York may see cannabis legalized for adult and recreational usage soon, and these will join 33-states where cannabis is legalized for medical and recreational consumption. We have tens of millions of unemployed Americans that can find work in this industry. If the banking provisions pass that allow cannabis to be served by traditional banking services, we will see growth in the legal cannabis space that will be immense. Cannabis can help us overcome medical maladies and our economic issues, but we need to vote for candidates who will support decriminalization and legalization.

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