Biden Administration on Cannabis Decriminalization and Legalization

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With the 2020-election a month away, it is important to know where each party stands on the issue of cannabis decriminalization and legalization.

Biden and Harris have a long history of being "law and order" politicans, with Biden supporting mandatory minimums and strong sentences on youth offenders. Harris, his running mate, also has a very strong history of supporting and advocating for powerful deterrents to criminal activity. This past calls the administration's intentions of decriminalization to question, but the platform has announced their position on this important issue.

Biden and Harris have recently become vocal on their stance to decriminalize cannabis usage in America. Harris helped sponsor a Bill to legalize cannabis, and Biden is relenting on his "tough on crime" stance. It appears from his platform that Biden will pursue decriminalization, prison reform and possible taxation and banking reform along with the Democratic Party in that regard. It remains to be seen if Biden and Harris would pursue legalization in earnest during their stay in the White House, but Harris' support of legalization in the House is a good sign.

With Vermont becomming the 11th state to legalize adult-use cannabis consumption, we will see further legislative action for cannabis reform at the state level. State's rights are the most likely method of cannabis decriminalization and legalization. Joe Biden stated that he "is the Democratic Party", and this is good news for the legal cannabis industry and comprehensive judicial reform if he is elected.

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