The Cancer-fighting and Pain-relieving Power of Medical Cannabis

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Medical cannabis products have garnered more acceptance as states and countries have legalized medical cannabis.

Colon cancer is a killer of Americans, and is often the result of IBS and UC. The THC found in cannabis is an inflation-reducing agent that can help reduce the formation of cancerous tumors. A recent study conducted on mice showed the effectiveness of THC to stop tumors from growing. Colon cancer is often caused by inflammation, and a reduction of this mechanism of injury can pay off for a patient's overall health.

Marinol and Cesamet are two drugs that are synthetic cannabinoids designed to help cancer patients with their nausea and trouble during treatment. These drugs have been approved for use by the FDA, and more cannabinoid drugs are in the approval pipeline. Natural compounds found in cannabis may offer help to those receiving painful therapy.

According to information highlighted by the American Cancer Society, cannabis has a number of benefits for cancer patients. Cannabis can help ease pain, improve appetite and acts as an antioxidant and inflation-reducing agent that can prevent cancer from taking hold. Medical cannabis is also an alternative to dangerously addictive pain killers including opioids which can be deadly if abused.

Cancer has touched 1.8 million Americans in 2020, and oncology is a growing field of research. Cancer is often combated by harsh radiation, chemotherapy and surgery that harm the overall health of the patient. We must look to the usage of legal medical cannabis products to reduce the harm of cancer as our population ages.

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