Just got back from the pot and glass shops

in #cannabis4 years ago

I love living in a legal state!

I had to replace my bubbler (RIP) and I was running low on flower anyway. Luckily the glass shop is right next to the weed store. So convenient!!

I got this smooth and sexy piece of green glass.


You might notice in the background of that pic, I was also able to obtain a delicious bounty of assorted varieties of potent marijuana leaf.


There was a mistake with my order. I was supposed to get a gram each of Prism and Purple Crack. Instead, they gave me 2 grams of Prism.

I think I'll live... ;)

It's gorgeous!



Time to go christen this bubbler. ;)

See ya!


Nice bubbler!

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You sure do smoke a lot of weed ... and play a lot of poker. #goals

That's awesome! I can't wait for legalization/decriminalization here!!

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