Hemp Is A Weed, Is It Really Needed?

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Weeds grow freely in our backyards some toxic, some have unbelievable health, useful benefits, for some reason we have the thought a weed is useless like a dandelion which can be invasive, the whole plant is edible victorian gentleman used to eat dandelion leaves in their sandwichs, china invested into producing dandelion rubber as dandelions ozze out latex when they are cut. Dandelion roots can be roasted to make a caffeine-free alternative to coffee.

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Studys, research has been done on the Dandelion which may help with reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, aid digestion, lowering blood pressure.

When you go to try a dandelion make sure it's a true dandelion as there are different types as some may be harmful if consumed.

Like the simple useful Dandelion that's be deemed a useless weed it was still being used not like this next weed which was outlawed.

Hemp grows freely like a weed within some countries with some people not really knowing what to do with it, that they don't really know of its purpose.

A weed that can provide like the dandelion food, medicine, let's go beyond that material for building, textiles, apparel, plastic, vehicles just to name a few then what about replacing oil, fuel, crude oil, plastics, latex, fiberglass, building materials, woman's products, paper, fertilizers, mortar, plaster, rope, paint, canvas which are either unsustainable, toxic processes, products to our environment, health the list just goes on which short growing periods, less land per square meter for growing, no chemicals needed, a biodegradable sustainable plant which doesn't need much water to grow, it also is a weed controller its self.

Each part of the plant produces different products that have different uses the seeds can be used for food to make hemp seed oil, milk, flour, pestos, mayos we are only limited by our own imagination with what this plant can produce.

Hemp has antibacterial, mold & fire resistant, odor-absorbing in a material form depending on how it is used, in food, medical for antibacterial, reducing inflammation, pain relief, immune support, though out history it was used for malaria, menstrual pain, also.

There is some many more things this wonder weed can do, do you think we need it?

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I'm not a medical professional, if you have any medical questions you should reach out to someone in the medical field, as I'm just sharing my own point of view from my own research and experiences.

Being a novice in most things in life we like to chat about lots of different subjects like life, crypto, disease, autoimmune, PSC, health, parenting, business, projects within discord

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