Let's Get The Word Out About Steem/Weedcash!

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What is up my fellow Steemians/Weedcash people! Canna could not be any happier to see all the great content coming out under the cannabis tag, and we have Weedcash to thank for making the tag thrive. There have been many people leave to Smoke, but some are coming back. Now to post here on Steem does not mean you need to leave Smoke, or vice versus. Yes Steem holds a special place in our hearts, since we have been promoting the cannabis tag way before Smoke arrived. Which is why we are all in for Steem, and with the arrival of Steem Engine Tokens, Steem is a very exciting place to be now a day's. But we still have work to do.

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We are calling on all cannabis content creators who are in legal areas to post more reviews of cannabis businesses here on Steem/Weedcash. Not only do we want to see more content, we want you to also interact with these company's.


Things to do to get the word out about Steem/Weedcash

  • Write a review about a dispensary, or a cannabis product to Steem/Weedcash
  • Email the link of your post, or Dm the company on Instagram
  • Show bud tender your post(It is very possible they give you a freebie to)


Show us proof in Discord, or comments on this post that you did interact about Steem/ Weedcash, and get a 100% up vote from Canna, and @jonyoudyer, just remember to use the Weedcash tag.

There is no reason why these company's should not be on Steem/weedcash. If we keep on reviewing, and showing them what we are doing over here, they will come! It's just a matter of time. Fast and secure transactions, and not to mention a great way for the company to interact with their customers. I have always said it is up to us to make Steem great, not Steem INC. Just think, what community will be one of the biggest players, when block chain social media blows up? The canna community!

Do not forget to have fun and be creative as you can! If you are unable to participate, don't forget your comment on a post helps! You will get hit with up votes as well. So do not forget to COMMENT!

Here is a great example of a dispensary post from @daltono


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This is actually a fabulous idea. If the canna companies in Colorado got on the blockchain it would be huge!

Yes for real! They can get on here, promote, and get their customers to sign up. Going to be lots of work, but I really do think we can achieve this.

Hey, have a !BEER

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Hey @jonyoudyer, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

I have an idea for my next post, just need to find time to write it. For now, here's a resteem (or should I say "WEEDsteem") to help get the word out! :)

Ha! That’s a great one, can’t believe I never have heard that yet. Points for you! And thanks🤠

Totally worth 100% upvote! Nice idea. Love it. <3

More of a reminder and a push to keep the eye on the prize, ;)

Good idea ! Of course I can't help and my steem days are numbered but I wish the canna community all the best and see that steem is a good home for herb...

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Well just comment your heart out brother! ;)

That I can do I am rich in RCs!!

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So I now have a mission here in Eugene!

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It's legal to grow here in Michigan, but it's not yet legal to buy or sell, unless you have a medical card, and I don't have one. For now, all I can write about is my own growing experiences...

perfect! we still need the growing community just as much. ill think of something fun for this part of our community.

The same thing is needed with gro shop reviews and grow product reviews. This information is just as valuable. I will upvote any reviews like this as well as any dispensary reviews.

I'll keep that in mind, there's a couple of grow shops in the area.

I'll keep that in mind,
There's a couple of grow shops
In the area.

                 - amberyooper

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@canna-curate, Team, good to see that you are putting efforts to grow this Community and if we observe then Cannabis becoming trend all over the world and let's hope that more companies will look into the Steem and opportunities which are getting birth here.

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Well your ESP is working again! I have another post on the burner - all about my plans to grow some of my own and a new local supplier I want to mention! CBDistllery is still my favorite source for CBD oil! https://www.thecbdistillery.com/

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Heck yeah! Looking forward to it. Some big things happening in North Carolina in regard to CBD.

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