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Canon Cigars was established in 2011 with the sole purpose of making the weed smoking with tobacco a great and joyful experience. Marijuana has been in the center of the attention of many medical scientists and businessmen for a long time now because of the debate relating its benefits and risks but with the advancement of technology, people are finally coming to know about its potential benefits which are way more than risks.

One of the most popular ways to use marijuana is by rolling it inside of a tobacco leaf that is called cigar. The cigars that were used until today were not constructed specifically to enhance the experience of weed smoking rather they diminished the normal pleasure. So, Canon Cigars has brought a solution to this crucial problem.

Canon Cigars is a cigars brand produced from the best quality Caribbean tobacco. Combining convenience and versatility, this product is specially crafted to complement today's evolving smoker's habits. The cigars are a mix of only the finest quality tobacco leaves and ingredients to create the epitome of smokers’ luxury. The packaging was developed with the concept of elegance in mind, pursuing to convey the idea of a cigar that represents social status, wisdom, and power. The neutral pallet with the golden touches, the owl as the brand mascot (in a still and vigilant position looking straight forward with confidence), the golden foil (specially crafted to maintain the tobacco aroma), the simplicity of the pouch and boxes, all combined to create a strong and elegant presence of the product in the shelves.

Around the world, cannabis smokers are mixing their dried herb with tobacco in an attempt to enjoy the perfect high but the lack of right arrangement of a cigarette sometimes hinders the joy, so, Canon Cigars is the best solution as this premium cigar has been designed to enhance both the tobacco and weed smoking experience. Their URL is