Allow Me To Drop Some Fire Right Here

in #cannabis3 years ago

Light up some smooth weed, turn on some old school porn Jazz & take a look at these virgin girls 😍

44 Days of flower here for my Delhi friends


This time around, I’m gonna let a few of her go much longer than I have previously. Super excited to see the colors of this plant three weeks from now




& the Ayahusca Purple getting nice & iceeee, I love this plant




*I love all my plants



The perspective, Delhi on the bottom, blueberry cbd in the middle, purple in the back 🌈💥🔥


& the little potentially albino/magnesium deficient/light bleached little bud that could, still doing its thing.


Thanks for reading 😆


chronic wish i had a whole plant of that right now.

That would be a cool way to select your medicine. I want that plant, & then you wait ..... for harvest, but hopefully you planned it right !

These are some beautiful colours! And the frost came early :)

The purple always frosts up quick & keeps stacking it on. She likes to make me happy 😃

Beautiful pictures as always!

The closer I get to harvest the more pictures I take for some reason !

Dope pictures as always... looks like pure deliciousness.. I'd love to hear more about the "scene" wherever it is that your growing.. If there's still jobs and opportunities for pple to get involved.

I am just a single human personal medical grower who wants to have as much as flower to smoke as I could possibly need. & I love to share my extra flowers with people I love, that love my flowers 😂 I’m not sure if this qualifies as a scene, too small scale to need any help.

One day I’d like to get a weedprentice, perhaps make a reality show about it & then of course move onto the presidency of the US

haha you got my vote

The catch line “Job well done, Now You Smoke Fire” 😆

White bud power!! Haha hope thats not offensive to nobody. ;)

The bud says he prefers “mixed bud power” as he is bitoned

you know this white bud phenomenon is probably more common then we think. Wonder how many times people see this happening and thinking it is a nanner?

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