Biological Warfare!!!!! No YaYo

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Dese cockaroachas don’t kno who dey messed with, jou touch my babies, jou gonnja pay big times 😵😵😵

So I was feeling a little risky & let one of my soil beds go protection free, for too long. Rawdawgging is fun for awhile but eventually you get bugs.

& I’ve got fungus gnats & the dreaded spider mites 😱

The good news is there are some really great companies selling predators to prey on the little cockaroaches messing with my babies !!!

Phytoseiulus persimilis 👇to eat spider mites


This is a blend of predators (P. persimilis, N. californicus, A. cucumeris, A. swirskii.) to eat Two-Spotted Spider Mites, Broad Mies, Rust Mites, Cyclamen Mites and Russet Mites.


Nematodes to alien stomach fungus gnat larvae 👽👽👽


Here is what spider mite damage looks like.


If you see this, you’re foooooooked get your ass some predators! I saw these little a-holes four or five days ago & have been manually removing the affected leaves & foliaring with my own essential oil blends. Was helpful in keeping the numbers down. Very hopeful all my new friends will teach them a lesson & poop them out in my dirt!

Fungus gnat larvae damage



I am actually pretty surprised these plants are growing very fast despite the bugs. All lemon kush headband just flipped to flower. They are a little pale due to fungus gnat root damage


& right next to it, this bed must have some resident badass predators because the fungus gnats & mites don’t mess with these plants. Also lemon kush headband & one silly blue cheese that doesn’t want to grow


Time to smoke this purple joint with a hash snake of the same plant to rellaaaaaaxxxxxxxx & chhhhiiiillllllllll


Jou tell dose cockaroaches I’m a ready !



Seriously well thought out and well written! Bury those cockroachs true organic shit right there!

Thanks, I have fun with these. Started smoking the joint when I started writing the post, helps articulate the love 😂

Freaking Gnats, spider mites, russets and aphids is what we have been doing battle with so far on the farm. at one point we were using lady bugs as natural predator but they never stayed in the greenhouse long enough to do any good . Sometimes its hard when your going all Natural . Good Luck

It is the best when you’re going all natural, chemicals & pesticides make me sick, I’d eat these predator bugs 😂 Ladybugs are my favorite to watch clean my leaves! They get trapped inside my house & then the spiders eat them. I’m thinking about getting a praying mantis or two for a garden pet next

Treat them hard... to be really honest I never got them in my life. They're just rare over here or outgunned by their natural predators, so we can sleep in calm. But I hear about some treatments, especially drenching and spraying with Green Cleaner. I don't how organic it is though!

Well get them bastards! It's much better to nuke them ASAP!


Backup plan 👇

I have hemp russet mites. They are every growers worst nightmare. Been fighting them for over a year now. They come back every time and now they even got resistant for some of the natural pesticides i use. I even cleaned out my whole grow room, bleached everything but they still come back.

Have u ever tried predator mites? They worked pretty well for me to keep mite populations controlled. Maybe there’s a breeding ground outside your place

They work good on spider mites but russet mites are just so much harder to get rid of.