Perpetual Indoor/Outdoor Grow Journal #7: Plants in the Sun

in #cannabis3 years ago

Today it was sunny... until it wasn't, so I pulled all my seedlings from under the lamps, and let them soak the sun a bit. They all look healthy, and they took well to artificial lighting, which I'll always treat as a substitute, but when it's cloudy you're actually better off with lamps 🌞🌞🌞


I also filled a few bottles with rainwater. It works very well for cannabis, it's full of beneficial bacteria and has some low nitrogen content as well, so collect it whenever you can... and those of you who can get busted for that in US, well ENJOY the picture 😆 😆 😆

And last but not least here's my compost tea, that's been brewing over the winter in the bucket. We're gonna get to it very soon!

🌿 🌿 🌿 🌿 🌿

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Awesome Looking seedlings :)

I think they're something more than sprouts at this point!

Lovin that Sun . Would love to see how you made that compost tea as we also use that from time to time... Beneficial bacteria !

I used compost from last year as a starter and then added a handful of weeds from my garden, some leaves and stems as my aim was to create a fungi dominated brew... some lizard corpses also got there :D

Pretty little babies looking happy outside. Probably a good day for me to start some mystery seeds !

Dropped some more too!

I have a half dozen or so mystery seeds from my first indoor grow soaking !

Hermie pollen?

Ya, most likely from my blueberry cbd, purple mom, critical mom, & different blueberry cbd pheno mom.

Hi chance of herming but will be interesting

Your not afraid of getting pest by putting them outside? And how long can you keep rainwater stored for?

At this temperature? Not really :) But I rarely get pests anyway and even more rarely sth deadly... like bud worms, which I won't be getting indoor for sure :)

where do you live?

what about the laws there?

Up to 5 yrs for what I'm doing :D

damn dude :/
they're insane..
the international drug policy really needs to change now.
the mass education is key and goal.

I'd have to agree with you there :D

I'll stop by from time to time ;)

yeah man, its difficult to maintain the flow of grow, i feel you. keep working

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