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Thank you for the kind words, I try. Health willing, I will be at canna fest this time too, and I will have samples for you. Yes, I only grow in top shelf soil. I'm a one trick pony, but am starting to get better at it. I'll speak on legalization in oregon and Washington as a whole. One, they completely screwed up the medical marijuana program, and the true og ninja hippie growers who kept the lights on. Second, it's set up to reward big, cooperate growers and consumers who accept mediocre products. Thanks for checking in, everyone. I'm inspired and will continue as long as I can get intrest. 🍻✌


I couldn’t agree more about the effects of this latest set of rules. Centralized cannabis production seems to be the end goal.

Maybe the next time they decide to change the cannabis laws they’ll get it right for the craft farmer . Right Lol 😂

At least flowers like yours still have a market.

Take Care ✌️