This a post I made over on my Instagram account. So why not make a little post over here? How’s everyone doing? I’m ok. Just saying hi to all. This plant was grown in dirt by me. Locally sourced clone. I do a Live grow show with a bunch of other growers on YouTube every Sunday. I’m noahtheegrowa. I’m hoping steem gets going and Other people have interest about growing there own. And I’m eager to learn more about growing myself. Peace ✌️ and happy growing

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Nice! I’m growing some gg4 right now too, still in veg but I hope it turns out as good as yours!

I have some supplies if you need any in a pinch let me know bro.

I have some supplies
If you need any in a
Pinch let me know bro.

                 - elamental

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Another frosty beauty. I’ll have to check out your YouTube.

You should do a grow log from start to finish, step by step. This will inspire people to grow. If you build it, they will come.

Nice man I gave you the VIP treatment so you could see how it feels :P

I have it set to autovote at 3% on anything Jon curates. Since you're on the trail I already voted and changed it to a higher % for ya.

I want an oz of this when i come to canna steem fest 2!

Beautiful as usual. I swear its like Christmas trees!! Tis the season. Lolololol

Woa bro, that frost is bonkers!

If you are doing youtube cannabis uploads, please consider taking those youtube links and posting them through Dtube - no extra upload time required now and extra rewards and exposure for you (even more so since Dtube is also now its own blockchain as well as a Steem Dapp so you can earn twice with steem currency and DTC). I wrote an article about it with a video explanation HERE if you are interested. I hope this helps you out!

The worstest growers ever! That looks over watered.

What's your secret? I wanna see your genetic engineering lab...

I'm gonna kick your ass if you keep being a stranger.

Them crystals look mighty inviting :P


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