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I’m going to try and get back into steem. I’ve on strike because I don’t believe there’s a lot of interest on this platform for growing your own. But I am so passionate about having a garden and working in the dirt. I’d love to get cannabis interest up and going again. So I’m going to dive in head first. Here is a little bud picture of a platinum plant. This strain is one of my favorites and leans towards the cookie funk, but with a kush streak. Very sweet smelling, and very tasty. Hopefully everyone who reads this is doing good. ✌️🌱

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dang that is an absolutely gorgeous nug

Holy shit man! Is that a bud or a pinch of pure keif?

It is a beautiful plant, hey man did u see the new website? https://weedcash.org

and newdex token listing on Dec 5-6th!

Hey man, happy to see your beautiful flowers anytime. I’ve yet to see one that doesn’t look absolutely top top shelf. I hope to meet you at Canna Fest in June and sample the terps in those perfect looking buds. Do you always grow in soil, under HPS? I’m from Oregon too, out in the central Coast Range, Deadwood, about a half hour west of Veneta where the Oregon Country Fair is.

What do you like best about Oregon’s “legalization”? What do you think is the worst part?

Thank you for the kind words, I try. Health willing, I will be at canna fest this time too, and I will have samples for you. Yes, I only grow in top shelf soil. I'm a one trick pony, but am starting to get better at it. I'll speak on legalization in oregon and Washington as a whole. One, they completely screwed up the medical marijuana program, and the true og ninja hippie growers who kept the lights on. Second, it's set up to reward big, cooperate growers and consumers who accept mediocre products. Thanks for checking in, everyone. I'm inspired and will continue as long as I can get intrest. 🍻✌

I couldn’t agree more about the effects of this latest set of rules. Centralized cannabis production seems to be the end goal.

Maybe the next time they decide to change the cannabis laws they’ll get it right for the craft farmer . Right Lol 😂

At least flowers like yours still have a market.

Take Care ✌️

There is always the 420 party for steemians it's in the 3 Rd year.

Man that nug looks so fire it it is crazy, I wpuld l9ve to get my hands on that to take some of the dankest Budtography.

Oh hell yeah Cowboy! You know we love to see your bud porn brother.

Cant wait to smoke that at Canna fest 2!!

#naturalmedicine is all about growing and using cannabis! You’ve got some skill I’m sure others would love to learn.

I love natural medicine, that tag goes on my next post. Thanks for stopping bye.

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I love the cannabis you grow and the photos are phenomenal. I 100% support you continuing posting on this platform, and will hopefully see you at Steem Canna Fest in June again. Much love bro.

I appreciate that for sure. I was just thinking about forgetting about it, but this has me encouraged. Thank you for the kind words. ✌️🌱

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Anytime, I only speak truth brother.

That's a gorgeous flower!
Can one grow a plant in a regular house pot, sunshine, and water? It's legal where I am, and I've been thinking about it.

What a beauty 😍 Just Steem away friend! I hope you enjoy being back at #newsteem

Ill like to place an order for all of it! :)

Nothing more relaxing than spending some time in a garden full of beauties like that.

Also one good thing with this being low tide in the steem ocean is that we get more of the rewards pool if we do post. ;)

Mmmmm get to feeling better. Miss hanging out with you. Nice flowers I miss blazing them for sure.

You got better fire than the field of hemp I grew.

For sure man.

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Beautiful nugget! That's awesome to hear man!! Looking forward to seeing more of your content!

Thanks man. I'm going to try and get some weed attention over here. Now is the time

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I want to wear that as a necklace