Hello everybody

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How's it going all? I've been having a rough week. But I'm focused and growing. Working in my garden and continuing my goal to learn more about cannabis in all forms. I got a feeling I'm starting to learn a little, and will continue putting in the work

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God damn! Where is the green? Ha

Sorry to hear you've had a rough week @cowboyblazerfan,

Seems your garden is doing good though. The trichomes there are unbelievable!

I hope the weekend is better for you than the week was. Threw my little vote your way and hope to bring you some positive vibes with my comment :)

Thank you so much the words of encouragement hit the spot

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Thank you. A follow, and I upvoted. My vote doesn’t count for much, but the thought is there.

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Have you thought of my proposal? Ill make you famous,;)

Thank you very much

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If only borders did not exist I would be there in a minute to see and smell this in person. <3

For sure..🍀but canna fest is coming

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Damn look at those frosty bitches

Not to bad. And it smells like grape soda.

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I get that feeling too! Beautiful trichome density!

I’m happy with it, but am hungry to try new strains, learn more.

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Oh man that looks frosty AF!

Amazing looking bud! Bet it smells amazing! Thanks for sharing.