Memory loss

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This strain is memory loss day 56. I’ve never ran it before and it looks pretty good. It’s grown indoors in dirt by me. I’m hopeful it will be good and tasty. Terps are very important to me. Thank you for all the love on my last few posts. Going to be posting more. Let’s go on a adventure. A weed growing trip. Happy growing. Peace ✌️

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Its hard to tell from the angle, but i do have to say the duct tape may be the winner out of the two, but does not take away the fact that this bud looks fire!

Ya duct tape is 4 days younger too. But I’m always trying to find a keeper

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It’s right there

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VERY NICE COWBOY! Man I bet they feel fluffy. I was telling the boys over at Cana Curie I have never seen a life plant, female grown in front of me. I've seen it trimmed, cured. But never a beautiful female tree with budding cola's everywhere… my whole life has been a lie cowboy🤣🤠💚🔥📽 I'm definitely gonna have to have that 1 scratched off my list very soon

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Oh yes. It’s very fun. A must experience for all, even if it’s one in a closet. That’s how I got started. I’m sure they will have tours sooner than later everywhere

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