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Hello. This plant is one of my favorites, platinum Girl Scout. This plant is day 60. It is a indica dominate plant, medium yield. Tastes like skittles. Take it easy for the first 10 days, then it will settle in. Grown in dirt, start to finish by @cowboyblazerfan. Last 14 days water only, kinda of like a rinse rather than a flush. Any questions I will answer to the best of my knowledge. I’m starting to figure out how to grow, more learning is needed and welcomed. Happy early Mother’s Day to the moms out there. Peace ✌️

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By take it easy the first 10 days, what do you mean by that?

Keep the fertilizer very low, lights a little higher

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Ahhh ok. So what kind of fertilizer do you start out with at the start of flower?

Whatever base people use is fine. Very diluted, like 20% of what is says and water only every other. I don’t shout out nute companies, one day I might try and get sponsored. Also I can use Any fertilizer and make it work, just gotta dial it in. Heck u can make your own

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I always wanted to make a tea, using Stinging Nettle

That sounds great, I've only used teas once but a lot of guys swear by them. See, like I always say, lots to learn, and I want to learn it all. Growing all plants is so peaceful and rewarding.

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I love the platinum og from back in the day, can only imagine how well the hybrid with GSC turned out. I really like all the purple punch hybrids Ive been seeing lately though.

Ya it's pretty good, I like it a lot. Thanks for stopping by man

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They need to legalize this nation wide for recreational. Nice pic.

I didn't really know about the weedcash tag. I kinda just lost interest about posting about cannabis because it really didnt seem to be interesting to people, but maybe I'll try again. But thank you @prettynicevideo for checking it out.

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Your welcome! I gotta keep you under eye better! I hope you do try later. For now I hope you are having an amazing day! I just got up and around preparing for the show. Maybe I'll see ya later! Much luv📽🤟💚

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Looks good man. Have you explored notill growing or explored the company

Sorry for snapping on ya. I've been growing for over 12 years here and there and the one thing that always gets tiring to hear is growers making bold statements saying they are better than other growers. This community is being divided by big buisness and greedy politicians. Have you heard of what phylos is up to? It's disgusting and its all about stealing everyone's genetics just to start...

I want to not leave our conversation the way I left it. I hope we can let by homes be by gones.

Oh no problem. I should be more humble, and will continue to try to be better. I really just want to help other growers, and u caught me at a bad time. But anything I can do for the growing community is a plus. Your positivity has gotten me focused on trying to help others. Thank you for being the bigger man. Peace ✌️

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Yeah that has my last Cannapic beat, BIG TIME.

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I'm not the best about posting on steem, just so busy with everything else going on but I love weed and when i see some sticky icky like this it really gets me going. keep up the good work. Re-steeming this!

Hey thanks a lot bud.

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