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This a strain a old hippie friend gave me. Luckily I gave it to another of my buddies, so when I lost it I could get it back. This strain is very good. I wish I could post more than one picture so you could see the scissors. It’s crazy looking. This plant was kinda in the back too, and still turned out pretty good. Day 58, grown in dirt, organic goodness. I got a few other pictures, maybe I’ll post a couple later. Hopefully everyone has a good day. Peace ✌️, and happy growing!

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Thanks for checking it out

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I'd like to check it out inside of a Zig Zag

Oh it’s fire for sure. I’ll be pulling down more plants here in the next few days, and they all are super terppy and Stoney as all get out. If your ever in the ptown area, hit me up and I’ll drop a sample on you to do a steem review :)

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Is this a cross of Bruce banner?

No it's a mystery plant

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Oh and so far is wager that's the hottest fire so far out there... Top shelf all the way.

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Lolz my favorite. Bet if I ask nice I'll get a clone too...

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