Weed room

Hello all. This is my garden. I use it as medicine for my arthritis and gout. I have many health problems but I’m able to grow my own and encourage others to do the same . Today is harvest day for one of these lights. I take down and flip each light every 2 weeks. A strawberry ice, a fruit punch and ac/dc, a cbd heavy plant I plan on making rick Simpson oil for someone to treat there seizures. Maybe I’ll post some pictures of some buds later. Peace to all, and remember that growing your own ensures you know what Is in your medicine. ✌️🌱🌲

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What a beautiful room full of medicine!

Why ty man. I'm trying to roll up my sleeves and get the room on point. Maybe a post or 2 is upcoming on weedcash🤙

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Growing alone is great medicine!

I would never stop growing. It's in my blood.

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fuck yeah man, your setup is legit. A clean grow is a happy grow! Stoked to have a great grower like yourself post here on Steem, or Tron. whatever the fuck it is, us canna people still got to spread the good word!

Nice one man, What you running 1000watt HPS?

You should post weekly on weeklygrowlog tag. Need to show how active the cannabis guys can be

Yes hps 1000 watt hortilux bulbs with a ideal air mini split and a fan tec 2000 cfm 12 inch exhaust

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Thanks man. Got a long way to go but im starting to figure it out.

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Lolz. Sure...

Anyways quit fucking dodging me yo. Where you at.

And yep you will always be one of my top favorite growers. After you finally got your card and did it.

You got pics of the old grow room? That shit was sick.

These noobs have no clue who they have here.

Nice you got some sweet rewards. Power them up.

Waz up. I'm still here, trying to get this growing thing understood.

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How powerful of a exhaust fan(s) do you have?

2000 cfm fantec 12inch exhaust

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growing your own ensures you know what Is in your medicine

never truer words were spoken!