Cannabis Prices For Flower Now Going Up With Higher Demand

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COVID-19 brought a higher demand for all things cannabis, including thc and cbd edibles, vapes, flower, and more. Some states saw record breaking sales numbers last year as more people turned to cannabis to help them cope with the unexpected and stressful situation.

Still today the most popular cannabis product that is being sold in stores or online is cannabis flower.
Other products are growing in popularity though, like edibles and vapes, but flower still remains supreme as far as the most popular option.

Now that dispensaries are seeing stronger sales numbers this has meant an increase in price for cannabis flower.

The average retail price for flower cannabis that had been sold in Nevada, California, Washington, and Colorado, grew last year because of the increase in demand.

Retail cannabis prices for marijuana flower grew roughly 17 percent in those 4 states and the price of pre-rolls increased about 15 percent.

Not only are cannabis pre-rolls one of the most popular options but cbd pre-rolls and hemp pre-rolls have also been growing in popularity in recent years too.
They offer users a more convenient, discrete and familiar method of consuming as opposed to using a pipe, bong, vape, or rolling a joint.

The prices for wholesale cannabis flower in Colorado right now are the highest they have seen in several years.
Some cannabis products over the last year have seen their prices decline, like topicals, beverages, tinctures, and vape pens for example. Then there are others such as flower, pre-rolls, capsules, which have seen a strong growth in sales in several cannabis-friendly states.

With a growing list of other regions that are looking to set up their own cannabis markets, this is going to help bring more supply to meet that growing need of users. However, the more that the government seeks to artificially restrict those cannabis markets though and impose heavy taxes on cannabis patients, the more difficult they make it for the market to work effectively and establish the right price.

If more people were given the freedom to grow their own at home then this too would help to give more of a high quality and affordable cannabis supply option to those who need it.