Dozens of Cannabis Companies Compete For 1 of 6 Spots Available

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The government in a variety of circumstances has made a mess of the cannabis market. They've done this in numerous ways, but one of those ways has been by artificially creating unjust barriers to entry.

One of the biggest issues is that they are only giving out so many licenses etc, this creates heavy competition.

How is one applicant determined from the other? And if they are all suitable to fulfill the requirements, how can the state determine one from the other who should succeed? Should it be a first come first serve basis? Because most of the cannabis operations that are going to win at that game are going to be the larger corporations that can afford to move quickly. This leaves those who are already at a disadvantage facing a lower level of success in trying to see their cannabis business succeed.

In GA right now there are dozens of applicants who are hoping to get just one of 6 spots that are available to start manufacturing medicinal cannabis oil for patients in the region.

There are millions of people in this region who could benefit from cannabis and using cannabis oil, along with other cannabis products.

The artificial limit that the government imposes with the 6 operators is an interference in the market which impedes the ability of actors to serve the needs of others.

Not everyone is going to get a chance to do business, and those few that are might be overwhelmed with demand that it impacts their efficiency as well as quality or price for consumers.

There are many reasons that the state should lift these restrictions and seek more freedom in the cannabis market. It is better for the community, each individual seeking value in this market or those who are working to serve others within it, and that value extends to impact and bring benefit to the community as a whole.


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