N.J. Cops Get In Thousands Of Last Minute Marijuana Violations Before Legalization Changes

in #cannabis2 months ago

Voters in NJ months ago went to the polls and showed their lawmakers that they are tired of arresting people over cannabis. They want a change and they want to see legalization. They sent that message loud and clear that they want their tax dollars to stop fueling arrests against cannabis users that cost their communities tens of thousands of dollars, if not millions depending on how many they arrest and prosecute.

Since making those changes in the fall that they wanted legalization, cops have continued to arrest thousands.

Recent news reports suggest that the police have filed thousands of charges against people in N.J. for cannabis since November.

Many of these are allegedly charges for minor marijuana possession that have been filed and since they know they will be making changes to pursue these 'crimes' very soon, why the prioritization still on victimless crimes like cannabis possession in the region?

Every arrest and minute spent on a cannabis case is a minute that isn't spent on another that could involve a much more serious crime and threat to the community.

The police in N.J. and elsewhere need to stop policing victimless crimes like this and wasting precious resources on cannabis when there are more pressing priorities than cannabis patients to worry about.
I'd much rather see the police focus more on thefts, murders, trafficking, fraud, and a broad list of other activities, than wasting even one second on writing anything up over a plant.


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