One of my daily smoke session

in #cannabis3 years ago

Hello my Steemit friends:)

Today I decided to #smoke with you again!


Today we smoke my comrade’s #autoflowering #buds, he has grown a lemon haze strain, that is felt in his taste...

Marijuana came to me already grinding, so because I can not show you the beauty of these buds, as well as convey their unforgettable aroma

As befits a culture plant, fragrant smoke is easy to inhale, but when exhaling it is difficult not to provoke a cough.

Two #buckets was quite me enough)))

Good strain! Recommended for use:)

#canna-curate #strain #smoke #marijuana

UpSmoke & SmokeOn!


#Jah Loves Us!

EverStoned @DreamOn!
One of my daily smoke session

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