Pics from before last harvest

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This was our first crop in the greenhouse we had three plants in there. The pictures here are from the purple train by dirt farmer genetics. We also had a sour grapes plant not pictured here. We had some issues like the neighbor sawing down her 100' pine tree to white flies and 130° temperatures during the summer. We had to use a greenhouse cuz we were told by the medical marijuana people with the state to have it concealed in a structure or out of View. To tell you the truth trying to call these government agencies to find out specifics on the law is like pulling teeth from a man who has no teeth they all act and give you different answers each time. Anyways considering everything turned out good we even by the way had a crackhead steal stuff from a neighbor's house and jump our wall a week before Harvest maybe having cameras helped prevent anything from being messed with. This purple train had two phenos in here when was the sativa leaning and the other one was Indica leaning with a nice sweet purple taste and color.







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looks great!
what nutes did you use in the grow and in the flowering phase?
also at what age did you flower the ladies or is it a auto flowering strain?

We used mainly preamended soil and worms. Would top dress here and there with buildasoils craftblend. Occasionally homemade inputs like aloe and Lactic acid bacteria and compost teas

Cool! I was thinking in post something like this but was afraid of the police coming! lol

This is a medical garden in a medical state. Nothing for sale. Im not worried i trully beleive in our situation the cops just want us to not sale it and not cause any trouble. We are within local medical guidelines. I support local law enforcement especially the lower ranking guys who just want to do their job.

oh my that looks so beautiful :D but really looks like a good season. Also Mar should have one of these :))

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