🖤 Help protect the world from a very dangerous idiot. ☠️

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1. Watch and share.

2. Sign Senator Corey Booker's petition to legalize cannabis at the federal level.

Thank you!!


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I was so frustrated when I heard about Sessions’ recent actions! I’m resteeming and will sign the petition.

Hear! Hear!
The ayes gonna have it on this one!
Go, go, go. Go, Booker, go!

This whole administration needs to be stopped...one bite at a time I suppose :/

@soulsistashakti, let's just spit the whole thing OUT!

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Thanks for doing that, @amberyooper! Much appreciated. 😊

Trump administration - now they are showing their true colors just a few months in...

When people start abusing to use this plant , then i can say also. Lets protect the world from idiots.

@loydjayme25, the worst possible "abuse" of cannabis, COULD NEVER CAUSE THE HARM THE PROHIBITION HAS. Please get correctly informed.

Alcohol is the most dangerous drug by far, by any measure.

Your characterization is spot on!

That's my cleaned up version, @mikeonfire! Grrrrr....

He is not an idiot.

Wipe that thought out of your head.

Its like saying, "Oops, I tripped and accidentally dumped this poison in your drinking water." They have to be the most stupid people on earth, or they are selling you.

And, these politicians do not do anything on Media without a plan. The MSmockingbirdM doesn't let anything go over the TV without it going through a bank of attorneys, psychologists, PR, etc.

So, if you saw it, it was designed, planned, and executed to make you feel the way you are probably feeling right this second.

Never call them an idiot. They know very well what they are doing.
And they care nothing for you, or your desires (accept to use them).

cannabis??? Really...... Does He stand for cannabis? Hahahahaahhaa...... But the logic was good..... No one died of its overdose. Hahahhaaa...
He doesn't have a brain. cannabis ate everything of it.

@bapin: Cannabis actually REGENERATES brain cells. Yes, the speaker in the video, Max Simon, stands for cannabis. As do I.

Really In our country, they called as addicted who take this. Everyone hates those who sell it and take it.

@bapin, if that is true, Bangladesh sounds WORSE than the U.S. So much ignorance, and minds that do not know the true light of cannabis. Very sad!

What do you make of this??

its just an abuse of some mythological parts.
There is no logical written found that the god is addicted. The addicted people make it legal by that parts. And I am a hindu and also his devotee........ There was nowhere says about it.
And I didn't understand from your title and your description. You just say"Help protect the world from a very dangerous idiot" on your description. So I didnt get it that you support them..... Sorry :(

Upvoted and followed @erikaharris, Legal cannabis is such an important thing humanity has to get back from the hands of political thugs!