Legal Cannabis in Canada - Waste Management

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I want to start by saying, I am a Cannabis enthusiast.

To the average person, the above photo (featuring 8 - 10 packages/products in varying sizes) doesn't look overly wasteful. Compared to the current standard held by the consumer industry, it isn't an absurd amount of packaging to look at.

(Photo:Pacific Garbage Island)

Although when you consider the amount of plastics we are already dealing with, having just banned the used of plastic straws, you can start to grasp the magnitude of what has just been added to the already growing plastic problem.


In this photo: On the left, is 3 months worth of black market packaging (4 plastic ziplock bags). On the right is 3 months worth of legal packaging (Roughly 2 dozen plastic jars, 2 dozen mylar bags and 2 dozen boxes of varying sizes) for the same individual.

We need to reform the system, if only for the waste management.

If you are a cannabis user, please resteem or share this information by word of mouth.

Things are getting out of hand.


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