KIND radio calling for shows and artists! 4-5 pm pacific time

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Well kind radio is alive and well and we're discussing all sorts of things from Cannabis to crypto to growing as well as of course blazing on air with the community!

We've already got some amazing DJs getting ready to jump in and have their own shows but I'm also asking anybody who currently has it show if they would like to post it or play it I would love to get some scheduling worked out!

Currently the line up is daily 4-5 pm pacific time. Sometimes my show runs later but since it's the only one.... But let me know and let's get some steemian music going. Also need to be dropping @elamental music. Which you can get for free. I shared that and place visit and follow. He is definitely hot on having his own show and was on yesterday!

Let's do this! Got discord too... Come join listen and let's grow!

And now I'm totally focused on growing cannabis community. Will be doing the weekly digest of what I vote and why! Some killer steemians is coming and why I love them.

Besides that there is the curation trail. Please jump on mine and help me directly reward the community.

Also have the @greenunion Zimbabwe project going! Material from the blockchain is going to help a country in Africa!

And more to come. Go JointMusic!


Got room for some roots?

Always got room for steemians! Hit me up I'm live now

Missed this live. But let me know how I can help.

It's still going on! Besides we can use discord to connect.

Think I sent the link

I'm sure you got discord! And want to share activism news? And besides help me grow the radio and curation digest.

We love this idea @ganjafarmer great job! shall tune it for sure.

Mad thanks! And love your work too! Keep it up!

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