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Well it looks like the blockchain has taken a serious turn for the worst and anyway talking about the hive and our sister fork is being censored.

As much as we are in solidarity we have a continued attack happening on our gates everyday from Justin scum and his idea of buying out the blockchain community.

You cannot buy a community however you can piss him off which is what I'm seeing happening and for me to know that other people are being controlled and manipulated definitely isn't making me happy.

So as to which I am pulling back my delegations on here and we will slowly start to swap over and migrate.

as much as I want to say that there is a future here I am watching the foundations implode as we speak.

I really don't think that this is sustainable in the least let alone long-term.

well since he does have the control and he can start doing what he wants it is only a matter of time before we see a big huge crash.

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Well it looks like this is a pain in the ass anyway and the changes are making it worse....

however I still have flowers and hopefully some of these have uploaded


Getting ready to smoke some flowers now. I must remain calm. This is all so disconcerting. Best of luck to you in your migration.

Blessings and groovy vibes.

Thanks! And if it wasn't for the censorship and the bully tactics I'd stay longer. But I see more future with something else.

Justin is killing the community..

Beautiful flower shots. See you on the flip side😀

Seems to be censorship on the condenser level. Blocked posts and accounts are still appearing on