Daytime Joints on the Cannadian East Coast

in #cannabis2 years ago

The Girls of Green are now on Steam Peak! Have you met Kaila Kush from the East Coast yet? She's enjoying a daytime joint with the fam outside, now that it's finally warm enough to go out without a parka!


Featuring Kaila Kush for Girls of Green


Steempeak is a good front end. Surely beats Steemit, especially since the Justin Sun nonsense/takeover.
Kayla looks healthy! Stayin full of noids, and free of covids!

You gotta love that feeling when you can go outside for a brisk walk and a joint after a long Canadian winter, and all you need is a couple of hoodies :)

Yes, the time to get out and about in Canada is fast approaching! As long as the jackboot thugs don't start marching in the streets to keep people indoors...

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