Critical Kush Grow update - First day flowering w/ 400w HPS and yellow mushrooms on the ground :)

in #cannabis4 years ago (edited)

Hello everyone, another update here. Today I begin with the flowering phase by exchanging the light period to 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light (400w HPS). And there is a cool thing in my coco coir, tiny yellow mushrooms are growing!

Not magic tho xD
But they are beautiful

I see that as a good thing, fungi play important roles in soil biology and soil chemistry

Now let's take a look, before changing the light:

After, I did my best to take a good photo with the HPS light on:

as there was little light before not covering the entire plant they look a little weird, I turned them pots to the other side and in the next days I hope they will be with all nodes happy towards the light.


  • 1x 400w HPS (flowering)
  • coco coir, like Hydro
  • General Hydroponics Flora series - 6ml of micro / 9ml of bloom per gallon

Bye, Jah Bless!!


Remember to remove the fallen leaves, it attracts insects. Your plants look healthy and happy.

These fungi are really nice and they're sign of a good biology... but they don't have anything to do with mycorrhiza, that might be developing in your "soil". I'm not sure how well it'd adapt to coco coir. Did you actually inoculate?

Hi man! Thanks for comment, yes I don't know much about fungi...I thought mycorrihiza because of something that I read about symbiosis, when a fungi is growing together with a host plant and stuff. You mean they are only growing in the coco coir? No inoculation, and no organic ferts. This is the second grow op I got mushrooms with this coco coir, the first time they were bigger and darker.

Maybe some of crystals will fall on those mushrooms haha. Nice looking plants, keep posting.

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