Taking Clones(VEG ROOM UPDATE #40)

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Hi Steemians. So time to clean out the veg room to make room.

These ugly plants are my Tahoo Og. Yes I have let these go to shit. But it's ok, because I am not going to flower them. I just needed to let them grow out, to give me some good shoots to take cuttings.

As you can see, I have quite a few good ones!

As I explained in my post from yesterday, cloning is the key to my grow. Not only taking clones off plants before flower. Sometimes I need to just grow a strain to get cuttings, and get rid of the plant I took the cuttings from. Not only for the future of a strain, but also to just make room in my 18 inch by 3 foot closet. I give 90% of my plants away to my co worker. She then finishes them outdoors in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The other 10% I throw out in my back yard. I know it's late in the season, but I hate to kill plants, so I will go ahead and let my co worker take these to finish.

45 degree angle cut

Bottom shoots are the easiest part of the plant to clone.

After your 45 degree angle cut of a bottom shoot, you then want to shave off the outter layer of branch.

Then put your cuttings in water.

I use hormone powder. There are other methods you can use, gel, aloe vera, or even just water and time. But I recommend using some type of hormone to induce rooting. Me personally I don't want to take the chance of losing a strain forever.

Then set cutting into your medium. Make sure you ensure the cutting is pressed against the medium.

I then set the cutting into a seed tray and set in my 24 hour light cycle veg room. Now if you live in a dry area, I recommend you invest into a humidity dome. My veg room is small, and usually packed with plants, I do very well with my method. During summer my success rate is 100%. When it's cold it drops to maybe 90-95%. It takes longer to roots when it's cold. Some people use heating pads. One important thing to remember, do not let your medium dry up. Now I just need to wait 8-12 days, and then there will be ROOTS! Ahh my mouth is watering thinking about it ;)



Smoke them if you got them




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