Simple Weed Edibles

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Hello readers, I will be showing you today my simple baked cannabis recipe. This is a very efficient way of consuming your dried cannabis, far more efficient than smoking buds.

Basic Ingredients

  • Cannabis (0.5 - 2.0 grams) per serving.
  • Crackers, Graham.
  • High-fat spread (Peanut butter, hazelnut, ect.)

Edibles provide a much stronger, and sedative "high" than smoking cannabis buds. The following steps are recommended to be followed precisely, to ensure properly activating most of the THC, and wasting any.


What is Decarbing? Simply we are turning the THCa in the cannabis, to THC, the psychoactive chemical that gets you "high". That is why when you smoke the buds, you are activating the thc.

Your cannabis should roast into a brownish color, and emit a "nutty" aroma.

When we bake cannabis goods, we have much more control over the heat and therefore can maximize the amount of THC in the bud. 140°C is enough heat to activate THC without combusting any of it.

Let's move on to the next segment, where we will precisely learn how to make an easy and efficient cannabis edible.

giphy (24).gif

Time to bake!

1. Grind up your dried cannabis, use more or less depending on the strength of the cannabis. (I use up too a gram of high grade cannabis in my own recipe.)

2. Set your toaster oven to 140°C.

3. Wrap your ground cannabis in aluminum foil, and place in the oven for 20-30 minutes. You will begin to smell a "nutty" marijuana odor as it begins to decarboxylates. The cannabis is ready when it is crunchy to the touch, and looks well-roasted.

4. Slab some peanut butter on the crackers, and add the roasted marijuana in the middle of the peanut butter.

5 Close up your peanut butter cracker and wrap it in aluminum foil.

6. Place the wrapped-up cracker back in the oven, and turn it up to 180°C for 10 - 15 minutes.

Your easy cannabis edible is now ready! By now the roasted cannabis is well-situated in the melted peanut butter. Wait for it too cool down before consuming! This recipe does not taste as good as others, but because we are actually consuming all the cannabis it is very efficient. The temperatures I have selected are tried and true and result in a high thca > thc conversion.

Ending notes

Thanks for reading! I consumed my cracker about 1.8 hours ago, and I am slowly settling into a comfortable buzz. I have an intense taste of cannabis in my mouth, akin to if I ate a garlic-heavy meal. It's quite nice.


There should be a new expression "It goes together like weed and peanut butter" hehe or maybe just "bread and budder" to be punny ;)

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