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Welcome fellow stoners to the first weekly edition of the "Tuesday Toke Thread"

This is a weekly thread I want to start to bring us cannabis users together. I will do a thread every week where we can all share our stories that happened, pictures we took or strains we smoked throughout the week. You can also share news from your country on weed laws, legalizations or anything like that.

We all share one thing we love: Marijuana.

So come on and have a chill moment in this thread and hang with fellow stoners.


My story this week is the return from my vacation in Spain. It was really beautiful and perfect weather for the 14 days I was there. I didn't smoke anything there as I said in my last post and I had a blast after I smoked my first joint back home. I had a great evening after the joint and I had the best sleep I have had in a time.

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